Hello world!


 So…. this blog has been at least 2+ years in the making! With the encouragement of family and friends I have finally taken the first step of giving you a peek into TahTah’s World! I am lover of people, places, things and most of all sports & entertainment! This blog will include everything from my life experiences, sports, and entertainment all wrapped up in a tasty treat just for you. ( I have a horrible sweet tooth, ask my dentist) Feel free to comment and leave your mark in Tah Tah’s world! Come, take this journey with me!




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10 replies

  1. My first comment…such a dork! lol

  2. Well it’s about time!! Congrats sweetie!

  3. This post/blog is the best thing that has happened to the blog world all year! I greatly support and am a huge fan of you TahTah 🙂

  4. I’m so proud of u!!! Keep it coming!!

  5. Tah Tah!!! You did it girl!!! So proud of you I am. Your opinions are witty and converation pieces. I will be a regular to this blog!!!! Many hugs and kisses. Let’s get it girl!!!!

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