Women…we are not our hair. Or are we?



Everyday my goal is to discuss some “pinch worthy” antics by athletes, entertainers, politicians, and your mother’s brother’s sister’s cousin. I know you are probably thinking, “what the hell does pinch mean?” Well it means just that. When someone who I would consider to be of sound mind exhibits goofy, dumb, and flat out ignorant behavior, they are worthy to be pinched by Tah and her readers. For instance, in the picture above you see Naomi Campbell who was once considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the world. Yet, with all the millions she made modeling for the likes of Vogue, Chanel, and Versace…she opted to have this atrocity of a weave put in her head. Why boo?? Why?!

You are far too gorgeous to have that struggle weave in your head. RIP to your edges. It saddens me to see that some women would rather go bald than to wear the hair God blessed them with. Society has such a strong hold on our minds as women that we equate beauty with hair…albeit fake and coming from a package. Don’t get me wrong now, I will throw clip in extensions in every now and again to change up my style. But I have also gone natural and rocked short do’s as well. Ladies, it should never come down to this. Naomi, you paved the way for so many African American models boo. Lets not do this again.

She gets 3 pinches.

*if you know someone that has exhibited pinch worthy antics email pics or stories to: tahlia.speaks@gmail.com*


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2 replies

  1. That’s a stack of damn pinches and a ass whuppin too!! That’s that shit we don’t like! She got caught all wrong!!! Smdh!!

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