Jovan Belcher: An NFL Tragedy


At about 8 am on the morning of Saturday Dec 1st, Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher did what some of his closest friends believe was the unthinkable. He killed his girlfriend, Kasandra Perkins, the mother of his 3 month old daughter Zoey. He then drove to Arrowhead Stadium and killed himself in front of Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel and other team officials.

The details about what happened that fretful night are slowly emerging. It is said that the night before the shooting took place, Perkins had attended a Trey Songz concert and Belcher spent the evening at local bars with a woman now identified as Brittni Glass. As Perkins enjoyed a night on the town with her girls, Belcher partied it up and perhaps became too intoxicated to drive home. He then slept outside Glass’s home until about 2 am when he then went inside and stayed a few hours.

What happened soon after is heart wrenching. Belcher returned home before 8 am where an argument ensued. Belcher, whom had to be in a fit of rage shot the mother of his child 9 times in front of their screaming 3 month old daughter and his mother. He then knelt down and kissed Kasandra on her forehead and said “I’m sorry.” He apologized to his mother and drove his Bentley to Arrowhead Stadium. He thanked team officials and then said “I have to do this.” That is when Belcher knelt behind a car and fired the fatal shot that ended his life.

We can all speculate and come to our own conclusion on what happened that morning. Why did they argue?? What made him the extreme?? But at the end of the day, the fact remains and what we all know now that little Zoey is left without parents and for what? This story goes to show that “all that glitters ain’t gold”. We never know what demons a person is battling. From the outside, it may have seemed as if Belcher had it all. And I bet many women envied Kasandra for “living the life” and having a successful partner. However now I bet no one wants to trade places with them. For now, I am going to hold my opinions to myself. I just want my readers to reflect on this situation.  Whether we examine our own lives or maybe a life of a loved one. We have to count our blessings everyday and be grateful for the lives the Creator has given us. For we never know what lies ahead. Mental illness and domestic violence are hush hush topics to many people, but the sad reality in some cases is that once it is recognized, it is too late.

Feel free to comment and share your views on this topic.

God Bless


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5 replies

  1. Man the real tragedy is that the keep talking about belcher as a good guy, I’m sorry but he’s a murderer. I worked in a domestic violence shelter for years, unfortunately he was probably abusing her long before he killed her. Damn shame.

  2. We never know what is really going on in someone else’s life. We can’t assume one thing or another. Thank you for your thoughtful post.

  3. the sad thing is they are callin this man a murderer!! and everyone they asked about him had nothing but good things to say the real story is what will they tell the baby as she begins to grow and ask questions..they for sure wont tell his daughter he was a murderer will they??

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