A Fried Chicken Love Story

PINCH!!! It seems that our affinity for chicken in the black community has reached new heights. Here Ms. Logan MacWillams sings her heart out about her love of fried chicken and the many ways she enjoys eating it. In the song, she even tells a story of how she went to Popeye’s one night and they were closed. In chicken “heat” Logan would not take no for an answer and requested to speak with the manager “Joe” who obliged her with her beloved two piece with red beans and rice. Logan…boo boo NO! Tah cannot cosign with your chicken thirst! You have an awesome voice that could be used to sing about so many other things. Is this why so many in the African American community are so obese? My intuition tells me that when Logan stands up she will have hips as wide as a city bus.

Logan boo…although your song is catchy…you get 5 pinches for its content. My people, we have got to do better.


Categories: Entertainment, Pinched!

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1 reply

  1. You know what!! My peeps never cease to amaze me. SMH… One day!

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