Hotel employee steals NFL superstar Reggie Wayne’s Bentley then takes it for a drunken joyride!

Drunken Man takes Superstar WR Reggie Wayne's Bentley for joyride

When Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne tried to pick up his 2007 Bentley from the valet at the Westin Hotel this morning…it was gone. Police say 21 year old Gunner Belcher, who was a valet at the hotel clocked out of work at about 9:45 and was seen by security exiting the parking garage with the car. At about 2 am Sunday morning, the man was pulled over by police for obstructing traffic and erratic driving. Once pulled over, Belcher claimed to be Wayne’s cousin by marriage which of course was a lie. The officer said Belcher had “glassy eyes and slurred speech.” He also had the “heavy odor of (an) alcoholic beverage,” the report said. It comes as no surprise that he failed a field sobriety test. He was booked on charges of operating a vehicle while intoxicated, failure to wear a seat belt and failure to carry registration. His blood alochol level tested at 0.13, the report said. The car was later returned to Wayne. I am sure Belcher no longer has a job at the Westin. Note to Belcher, next time you want to steal a car that costs more than your home…DON’T.


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5 replies

  1. The guts on some people hehe. At least he got to ride a Bentley :).

  2. HIL-ARIOUS…dumbass.

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