Hannah Montana who? Miley Cyrus gets ratchet and dances onstage with strippers!


Miley Cyrus hit the stage alongside Borgore, an Israeli dubstep producer, for his “Christmas Creampies” concert. The singer performed  their song Decision’s along with some half-naked guests. Shedding her Disney persona, Miley grinded onstage in a super tight cleavage baring outfit and danced with pole dancers. Miley boo, I understand your need to leave Hannah Montana in the past…but this performance was ratchet! Oh well…werkkk Hannah! Oops, I mean Miley! Check out the video and you be the judge.


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2 replies

  1. I don’t think shes ratchet, I just don’t think her “new image” matches her empire that she has built. I don’t even think her look and new music even matches her voice…….Its like a Carrie Underwood song featuring Lil Wayne….. doesn’t work for me!

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