VIDEO: Funny or racist?? Superstar tennis player Serena Williams curvaceous body mocked at tennis match.


Professional tennis player Caroline Wozniacki is taking a lot of heat right now for her impersonation of fellow tennis star and friend, Serena Williams. This past weekend, playing a match in Sao Paolo against Maria Sharapova, Wozniacki added a bit of padding and played a point “as” Williams. It is not uncommon for professional tennis players to impersonate one another during matches but this particular time it struck a nerve. Some believe Wozniacki’s act was “racist” towards black women and their figures. I for one disagree. They are friends and I think that she meant no harm with her impersonation.

Williams herself has also joked about her curves as well. Why is it ok for black people (men especially) to glorify a fat ass or big breasts on ANY WOMAN but when someone of another race pokes fun at a FRIEND they are automatically racist?? I could see if she painted her body brown or black and then did the impersonation. Now I know that racism is still alive and well in many parts of the country, but I find it hard to call this woman a racist by impersonating a pal. Now was it in good taste? Ehh…no comment. Check out the video. What do you think? Comments?



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4 replies

  1. People will call ANYTHING racist smh. Stories like this drive me crazy. Personally I know MANY women of other races who have way more ass than me lol. A big booty judy is not just for black women these days…..HELLO KIM K!!!!!

  2. I don’t think it’s racist, since when are breast and butts only synonymous with a particular race. All races have breast and butts, some bigger than other but they’re there non the less. If she had black face on and a doorag, or a forty then that would be racist. It was light hearted fun. People will never get passed this race thing until we can learn to laugh at ourselves. Not everything is racist.

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