“Something about MOLLY” could contain BATH SALTS…


“Got ya girl on Molly and we smoking LOUD and drinking!” As 2 Chainz says in the hit song “Beez in tha Trap”. Molly got its name from MDMA also known as ‘ecstasy’. We’ve all heard her name in about every rappers (and sometimes rockers) mouth as if she was an industry whore. Perhaps Molly’s side effects breed them. (Bad joke) The drug is so glorified, there are people giving advice to Molly ‘virgins’ online on how to enjoy it! “It’s a brand name that doesn’t mean anything,” says Dr. Susan Smolinski, the director of the Children’s Hospital of Michigan Poison Control Center.”You don’t know what you’re taking and it’s probably not what you think it is.” Well our perception is our reality right? Molly is supposed to be the purest form of the drug ecstasy. It is said not to contain fillers, caffeine, or any other impure substance. However testing on Molly capsules this year from Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Miami and Boston found that Molly did not contain MDMA at all, but methylone — an active ingredient in the recently publicized “bath salts.” Some capsules contained nothing more than caffeine.

Most people who use and market Molly believe it is the purest form of ecstasy, however there is no chemical difference in what Molly and ecstasy intend to be…PURE. “Methylone scares me a lot. We had a death from it,” says Smolinske. “[The patient] bought what she thought was ecstasy. She ingested two capsules… She was seen to have a seizure, had a body temperature of 107 degrees, [her organs failed] and she died two days later.” The pills (Molly) the woman left behind were tested and were said to contain…DRUM ROLL PLEASE…BATH SALTS!! I have never been one to judge people and their “extracurricular activities” but I would have to say this chick Molly sounds like she is no play thing. I’d rather not take the chance. Would you? To learn more about this girl ‘Molly’ click the link below.

Molly’s Effects on the Human Body

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3 replies

  1. Very interesting read…I must be getting old because I didn’t even know what “Molly” meant. Lol, but WOW! And what’s up with the bath salt epidemic? #getalife

  2. test kit.. if your really concerned about what your taking find someone reliable or a test kit.. if you dont have either you really cant get upset.. its like buying a car off craiglist without a carfax

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