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As humans, we want things done on our terms, in our time. I will be the first to admit that waiting is not a strong suit of mine. I am a Virgo which means I am a perfectionist and somewhat of a control freak. However, when I became a mother to a beautiful little girl, I learned that things weren’t always about me and even more so, things were not on MY TIME anymore. Which brings me to this blog that I just started last week”TAHLIA SPEAKS”. If some of you knew how many times I signed up for the blog and stopped or found excuses as to why it wasn’t a good time, you would think I were crazy. Fact is, I was scared. Journalism is my passion. I went to school for it, and then went on to a totally different profession.

When I had my daughter back in 2004, I begin to love writing again, particularly children’s stories. My daughter was just a baby at the time, but as I wrote those short stories down, (yes I actually wrote them with pen and paper because I was too poor for a computer at the time) I envisioned her reading them with wide eyes and thinking, “Wow, Mommy wrote this just for me?!” I wrote three children’s books that first year. Then something happened, when we moved out of tiny apartment into an even tinier place, I lost my prized red notebook with all of those precious stories. I was devastated! I searched for months, hell maybe years for that notebook but I never found it. It was then that I went into a deep “writer’s depression.”  People would say, “Just try to write the stories again!” But I couldn’t. I would never be able to get those moments back, those thoughts I had at the very moment I physically wrote the words down could not be gifted to me again. And so it was. I never wrote stories again. 

Years later, I found myself getting the itch to write again. But this time, I wanted to write everything! My opinions on life, love, relationships, sports, and entertainment had to be shared. And so it began, Tahlia Speaks was born December 3rd, 2012. She is my second child, she is my baby. I am just elated to finally have taken this step with no regrets. Which leads me to a quote by Brian Adams that pretty much sums up what I had to go through to get the mindset I am in today. 

Learn the art of patience. Apply discipline to your thoughts when they become anxious over the outcome of a goal. Impatience breeds anxiety, fear, discouragement and failure. Patience creates confidence, decisiveness, and a rational outlook, which eventually leads to success.
~Brian Adams


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  1. thank you for this because the same type of thing happened to me i lost my poetry book a while back and i just went cold turkey but i have been writing again and i am feeling like im writing better than before and i cant wait to finish this book im writing..its called LOVE or…

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