I’m sorry but this picture cracks me up! Anyways…

Industry insiders and Kanye West enthusiasts are in panic mode claiming that the music superstar’s light is dimming due to his high profile relationship with reality star Kim Kardashian. Sources told the NY Daily News that the stars popularity is waning.

They believe that the rappers relationship with Kim has “tainted” his image. Now here I thought Kanye West was quite the controversy on his own! Anything the music superstar may have done to “taint” his image was done prior to him dating Kim. I think these news outlets are giving this chick way to much credit. Kanye has 6 Grammy nominations this year. So apparently this relationship is doing ANYTHING BUT hurting his career. If it were that big of a deal…would Yeezy have made #45 on Forbes list of 2012’s most powerful celebrities C’mon…give me a break. Yeezy is doing just fine.


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  1. You have to admit….Kims got it……she made a name for herself by being a HoeCake yet she STILL pulls some of the most powerful men in the industry. Can’t even hate on that!

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