Indianapolis Colts Head Coach Chuck Pagano’s cancer is in remission, returning to team on Monday!



Awesome news has come from Chuck Pagano’s doctor Larry Cripe regarding  his patient Indianapolis head coach Chuck Pagano!

“Medically, he’s 99 percent recovered from my standpoint,” Pagano’s doctor, Larry Cripe, told the paper. “I have placed him on no restrictions.” He then went on to say, “He’s working out, doing well, eating well, buffing up,” Cripe said. “You’ve got to look good on that sideline, right?”

Interim head coach Bruce Arians hopes that Pagano decides to return Monday and takeover the head coaching duties as the Colts vie for a wildcard playoff spot. Chuck’s leukemia diagnosis was officially announced Oct. 1st. He then immediately started chemotherapy treatments. I believe (as well as many others) that his diagnosis is what fueled the Colts surprisingly successful season. Since his diagnosis, the Colts have lost only 3 games. They now have a record of 9-5, which is far better than anyone had ever projected. Hopefully Chuck’s return will fuel them for a run in the playoffs! I sure hope so! Welcome back…#CHUCKSTRONG #COLTSTRONG #COLTSNATION


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