Listen, I am the one who is always for self expression and creativity being expressed in many different ways. HOWEVER, this ish right here??? I cannot cosign on this or begin to find the “Mona Lisa” like quality to it or whatever you artists call it. You know, how you find beauty in something from afar but then you get close up and its a hot mess? Well, i can’t even find the beauty or creativity of this outfit from afar. So many things are just wrong, l am not going to even endorse the products that she is using as accessories because it makes me mad to even type it. But you all see my point…right? But what I will say is that the least she could do was shave her armpits if she was going to wear that hideous outfit. And look at dude behind her, his face is tuned up like that air freshener she’s rocking is not working on her body. I really hope none of you are kin to her. Lord please no. Even then, I won’t apologize. On the bright side, she has nice teeth. Anywho, baby girl you get 5 pinches for this atrocity. Burn this outfit AND the accessories immediately. Thanks.



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8 replies

  1. I hope this was for a trashy costume party, but even then, I couldn’t make myself leave the house like that…

  2. You know that feeling you get that you INSTANTLY want to fight someone? It just hit me so hard, she definitely on that salt. Girl getchoassouttahere!!!!

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