JOBLESS Chad Johnson (Ochocinco) drops $8000 on a pair of shoes! Is that a smart investment??


Hey, I am the first to admit…I am a SHOE FANATIC! My closet is full of shoes, a few pair I haven’t worn yet. And although it is hard to resist a cute pair of shoes, I know when to say NO. Apparently Chad Johnson (formerly Ochocinco) spares no expense when it comes to shoes. The athlete, who is a free agent…AKA jobless…was seen in ATC Miami dropping $8000.00 on a pair of Marty McFly shoes from the major motion picture “Back to the Future”. Chad boo, I know you are a shoe collector and all but is that a smart purchase to make at this point in your life? Do you plan on reselling the shoes for a profit?  Before you say anything, I know it is none of my business how people spend their money. But given the recent events such as his divorce from Evelyn Lozada AND his firing from the Miami Dolphins, I would think Chad wouldn’t be so frivolous in his spending. Is there a future contract in the workings that we don’t know about yet? Please believe I am not “hating”! I am sure I am no where near the tax bracket he is in so I will go no further. But I’m saying though…y’all feel me right? There ain’t a pair of Louboutins in the world I would buy for that much money! Those shoes cost more than the balance I owe on my student loans! Must be nice!

Real talk though, I do miss seeing Chad on the field this season. I wish him the best in his career and hope to see him on a team next season! Check out the shoes that are the cause of all the ruckus below. Are they worth it?



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  1. First off…why is he looking like someone stole his damn BMX? Second, those are the ugliest shoes I’ve ever seen in my life. Do they come with space helmet and some extra oxygen?? #epicfailchad



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