What the hell is going on with the world?! A Pennsylvania woman was murdered while decorating her church for a children’s Christmas party.  The woman, whom had cooked all day the day before for her own pastors funeral, was once again in the Juniata Valley Gospel Church when bullets ripped through a window and a man (who has yet to be identified) entered and fatally shot her. He left one woman unharmed. Why did he leave the other woman alive? Was the woman the only target? This is very puzzling to me.

In addition to killing the woman at the church, the gunman shot and killed two men at separate locations.  When police began their pursuit of the man, the suspect rammed his pickup truck into a police car head on during the chase. The pursuit ended when an officer fatally shot the suspect. Two police officers were injured during the efforts to apprehend the shooter; one had a minor injury to his wrist and the other was shot in the chest, but protected by a bullet proof vest. At this time, there is no clear motive for the killings.

Wow, is it me or does it seem like there are always senseless acts of violence around Christmas and New Years? Don’t get me wrong, I know people are murdered everyday. However, killings seem to spike in the holiday season. I have read that many people suffer from depression and suicidal thoughts around the holidays and in the winter time in general. It is all just so sad. Rest in peace to the victims of this cowardly act of violence.


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