Kobe & Melo

Photo credit: Andrew D. Bernstein Getty Images

Lakers fans were jumping for joy when their team beat the New York Knicks in a much needed win on Christmas day. Kobe Bryant and the Lakers beat Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks 100-96 in one of the most watched games during this holiday season. The Lakers are now surging in the Western Conference winning five games straight under new head coach Mike D’Antoni. Kobe and Melo both had 34 points but when it counted the most, the Lakers bested the Knicks in what I like to call the “intangibles”. The Knicks, (who I believe to be the best team in the NBA) struggled offensively in the fourth quarter and  looked tired and worn out while double teaming Bryant and chasing Steve Nash all over the court. The Lakers got exactly what they needed…A GOOD WIN. “We’re .500,” a smiling Dwight Howard said. “We did it on Christmas, too. I knew this day would come.” I still believe the Lakers need at least a year to gel together under D’Antoni’s coaching before they make a title run. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if the made a nice playoff push this season. There have definitely been a lot of surprises this year in the NBA! I’m loving every minute of it!

P.S.  Is it me or is Melo playing like a MVP?


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