For those of you hoping to see the former NFL star getting it in with booty model Wankaego…sorry, it won’t happen. Chad Johnson’s attorneys have served cease and desist orders to websites that were showing the low budget video which was stolen from Chad’s hacked cell phone. reports:

“Sources close to Chad tell us the sites removed the video after they received the letter from his attorneys … which stated the tape was stolen property which they did not have the right to publish.

We’re told CJ’s attorneys are now taking aim at several other smaller websites that have posted still images from the sex tape — and they are threatening legal action against any sites that refuse to pull the material.

As TMZ first reported, Johnson has contacted the FBI because he believes the tape was hacked from his phone.”

Well I guess that means I’ll be pulling down the story I wrote! As Sweet Brown would say, “ain’t nobody got time fa dat!” So for those of you who haven’t seen the post you better read it tonight because I will be pulling it in the morning.  🙂

P.S. Chad’s body…dayummmm!


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  1. From what I’ve learned, if you obtained the content legally, from another source, you are not responsible for how it was originally obtained, even if those means were unscrupulous. I’m not completely certain, but check your rights to publish.

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