The woman in this sketch is believed to be the person who shoved Sen, 46, a hard working native of Calcutta, India, into the path of a oncoming train. She is said to be of Hispanic descent and possibly in her early twenties. You can see her fleeing in the video below.

Sen was not aware the woman was behind him, mumbling and rocking back and forth on a bench. All of sudden, the deranged woman got up and shoved Sen to his death. Witnesses say Sen looked stunned but did not scream as he struggled to get up. His mangled body was found under the 2nd car of the 7-train. Friends say Sen worked 7-days-a-week to provide for his family.

This is not the first shoving incident to occur on one of the busiest subway systems in the world. On Dec. 3, police arrested Naeem Davis, 30, and charged him with murder after he allegedly shoved Queens dad Ki Suk Han, 58, into the path of a Q train at the 49th Street station in Manhattan. Mayor Bloomberg assured NYC residents that the NY transit system is safe. He dismissed claims that surveillance cameras would have prevented the incidents.

“It’s the safest big transit system in the world,” said Bloomberg. “5.5 million people use it everyday. Cameras wouldn’t prevent what happened yesterday.”

Damn, this is sad. RIP

SUBWAY victim


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  1. Wow, that is so scary. It makes me so paranoid now taking MTA.

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