Can’t say I saw this coming! The Chicago Bears have fired head coach Lovie Smith after 9 seasons and a 10-6 record this season. They have wasted no time trying to fill his shoes. Word is that they have already reached out to Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy. Damn! The NFL is cutthroat! Lovie had one more year left in his contract but I guess it doesn’t matter. The NFL is about the now! Winning right now…

Mike Ditka is not happy about the firing of Smith. He had this to say:

“If Minnesota would have lost last night and the Bears were in the playoffs this wouldn’t have happened. That’s a fact. So how stupid is it then? It really is stupid … the organization doesn’t need turning around like a lot of the other ones. If they want to get back to the Super Bowl, you’re going to have to have the right players. Don’t ask me how you get through the season without key injuries. No one hits anybody anymore, then they go out on Sunday and get hurt. What the hell do you expect?”

Say that Mike!

On the other hand, I knew the Philadelphia Eagles would fire head coach Andy Reid after 14 seasons (a horrific 4-12 season this year). Still it is so sad, especially after the rough year Reid has had. His son Garrett died on August 5th in an apparent heroin overdose during Eagles training camp. It was also revealed that there were steroids in his room the day he died.

What a crazy day in football.


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