Lady Gaga & Beyonce to collaborate on new single called “RATCHET”


And the evidence is in the ears! Well, I guess so. Many news outlets, including MTV,  are reporting that pop superstars Lady Gaga and Beyonce are currently working on a song called “Ratchet” that will debut on Beyonce’s upcoming fifth studio album. Both singers were seen donning bamboo-like earrings with the word in the middle; Lady Gaga in November and Beyonce in late December. Not too long ago, Gaga had previously confirmed that she has a new song called Ratchet, which is co-written by rapper Azealia Banks. Has Bey jumped on board as well? One can only wait and see, right?! If the single is anything like the “Video Phone” collaboration the ladies did back in 2009, I cannot wait to hear it! I hope Azealia (pictured below)  makes an appearance as well! As you recall, at the end of the video for “VIDEO PHONE” it did say “to be continued….”

Maybe this is the follow up! Y’all better werk!

azealia e



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