WEIRD! NY Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan’s tattoo shows wife wearing nothing but Mark Sanchez’s Jersey!


Would this be considered “kinky ink”? New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan was spotted in the Bahamas catching some sun rays but what caught the photographers attention the most was the tattoo Ryan was sporting on his arm! The tattoo is of a woman (bearing a striking resemblance to his wife Michelle) wearing NOTHING but a #6 Mark Sanchez jersey. Now of course many could draw numerous conclusions on this tattoo and the possible hidden meaning behind it. Is this the real reason Tim Tebow wasn’t allowed any snaps all season?! Does Rex Ryan have some weird attachment to Sanchez that goes beyond football? And lastly, is the parlor that did this horrendous tattoo out of business yet? I wonder how long Rex has had this tattoo. The ink is faded and could use a touch up. The sad part about all of this is that clearly the ink didn’t help the Jets accumulate any extra wins this season! I could understand if Mark Sanchez had won Rex his first Superbowl or anything of that sort. Any head coach would make a dash to the nearest parlor (not). I guess, I am just trying to wrap my head around WHY? What I do know is that Rex Ryan has always been a little on the eccentric side. From his weird interviews, his kinky foot fetish videos, and now this tattoo…nothing surprises me nowadays with him. This is sure to go down as one of the weirdest stories of the offseason!

Werrrk Rexy!


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