One of my very first blog posts was called RG3 A New Breed of Quarterback . In it I discussed my admiration for the star rookie but how concerned I was about his longevity in the NFL. Well my fears and concerns have been made evident. On what was sure to be a rookie of the year season (and possibly still is), RG3 has suffered a serious knee injury. An injury which was downplayed by Redskins staff in the beginning, but has been proven to be a lot more serious than originally led on. Shanahan’s decision to keep RG3 in the game was poor and selfish. This man has quite the career ahead of him and to put everything on the line for a wild card playoff game was just stupid in my opinion. I know the first thing in everyone’s mind will be, “Well look at Adrian Peterson!” Well Adrian Peterson is a freak of nature and is definitely the exception, not the rule. I wish RG3 a speedy recovery nonetheless. I truly enjoy watching the man play.

Click the link below to read NFL.com’s Greg Rosenthal’s report.



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