Video! BASKETBALL THUGS! Kevin Garnett & Carmelo Anthony fight on & off court!


UPDATE! KG allegedly stated that Melo’s celebrity wife LaLa “tasted” like honey nut Cheerios! Was he justified??

While most of us were watching the scrimmage that was taking place between Alabama and what appeared to be Notre Dame, there was a new rivalry brewing in the NBA and it is the New York Knicks and The Boston Celtics! Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett exchanged heated words during the Celtics 102-96 win over the Knicks. The argument got Melo so heated that him and his goons waited for Garnett outside the team bus. Melo ensued KG but police intervened before a fight actually broke out. Was Melo really about to throw some hands? He seems like a pretty boy to me. Now KG on the otherhand seems like he may have done a bid or two in Rikers. Tread lightly Melo! You are having an MVP season. You need to chill for real. KG talks crap, and he is damn good at it. Everyone knows that. C’mon boo…don’t let it get to you!

Check out both videos below.

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16 replies

  1. cracking up at “what APPEARED to be Notre Dame” lolol

  2. i dont think melo wanted that i saw him earlier in his career throw a punch and run away..garnett is def abt dat action

  3. Let me find out KG got some of LaLa! If that’s true, that’s just

  4. Wow!!!! Did u call the Notre dame game a scrimmage lol! Oh me lord! Hilarious! And yea Mello don’t want none!

  5. Wait…honey nut cherries though? Now that’s funny. I was wondering what was said that made him stand out there and wait on KG at the bus. I need more audio. Thanks for posting.
    -VaShaunna Renee’

  6. KG has never been about that life. All the talk and you’ve never seen him throw a punch

    • KG knows how to get in ppls head. He wins the battle mentally every time. No need to throw hands. I don’t know many players that have taken a swing at him.

      • Never saw anthony peeler bow him in the mouth and he just take it eh? But I agree, he knows how to get in people’s head. But he crosses the line and deserves to get served. And I believe those are problems he doesn’t want

    • Never seen that. Was that years ago? I’ll have to YouTube it. Lol but I agree he can take it too far at times. Its the nature of his game…

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