A star is forming right before our eyes and his name is Paul George. Last night the Indiana Pacers (my team might I add) took on the Miami Heat in Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis. Redemption was in order. The Pacers still had a bitter taste in their mouths after they lost to the Heat in the Eastern Conference semi-finals last year. The Pacers swing man took that to heart as he and LeBron James battled the entire game. In the end, George won that battle on both ends of the floor.

Paul George scored 29 and added 11 assists as the Indiana Pacers overcame a night full of bricks to defeat the Miami Heat. They also held LeBron and company to a season low of 77 points. Ouch! When asked of his performance, George said, “It’s a chance to for me to see where I’m at, going against one of the best, if not, the best in the league,” George said. “Another challenge to myself to go at LeBron. I definitely wanted to battle him.”

Indeed he did! In response LeBron added, “I see him playing with a lot of confidence and a lot of opportunities,” James said. “The simple fact that Danny Granger is hurt has created this opportunity for him to show what he can do. He’s doing everything. He was a good player last year, but we weren’t able to see it because he wasn’t a featured player.” Hmm, was that a jab at injured forward Danny Granger who will likely miss the entire season with a knee injury? It is no secret that the two dislike each other.

IF…and thats a BIG IF…Danny comes back at all this season, I fear that might hinder George’s development. Whatever the case, I predict that Granger is gone after this season, or traded this Feb. I doubt we get anything for him. I was never sold on Danny Granger as out “star” player. He lacked explosiveness and consistency in his game. He is a good 6th man on a great team at best. George has it all, always has but you can tell he believes it this year. The Pacers will be a force in the Eastern Conference. Their chance to prove it will be tomorrow night on TNT at home against the New York Knicks and a bitter Carmelo Anthony who are coming off a sour loss to the Celtics. They will be looking to make a statement. How will my team respond??


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