LaLa Anthony wants General Mills Cereal to show her the money!



Carmelo Anthony’s wife LaLa has quite the sense of humor. Her and her baller husband have been in the spotlight following his spat with fellow baller Kevin Garnett. The fight got Melo so heated that he waited for KG outside the team bus to settle the score. That had everyone wondering what the man said that got Melo’s chest so tight? Well later on the world found out that he alleged that he had “tasted” Melo’s wife and she tasted like “Honey Nut Cheerios”! After the news broke, media outlets went IN with all sorts of jokes, constantly dropping the famous cereal’s name. Well Mrs. Anthony seems to think that we all deserve a check for our free advertising! Hats off to LaLa who is being an awesome sport in the wake of all the drama. NY DAILY NEWS reported that the two have been separated for months which may have been why the comment got under Carmelo’s skin. Either way, LaLa looks good next to that box of Cheerios! I’m sure teenage boys everywhere have had a bowl since the infamous comment!


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  1. Reblogged this on The Indepth Story and commented:
    can lala stop playing the ‘shallow girl’ in the movies, may be then they will show her the money.

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