Ice T’s wife CoCo “cheating” AGAIN! NEW pics and text msgs surface with rapper Moose Diesel!


UPDATE! 3rd man may be involved!


Is Ice T not putting it down in the bedroom or is CoCo just a hoe? Either way this woman doesn’t mind getting her body groped by various men…all while she is married to Ice T. You all may recall back in Dec 2012, pictures surfaced of Ice’s bootylicious wife with one his rivals rapper and mortal enemy A.9. In the aftermath, Ice tweeted some pretty harsh words about her thoughtless actions, and she responded by telling fans that there was no affair. All was eventually forgiven but NOW…more pics have come out with her posing provocatively with Moose Diesel and another unidentified man. When CoCo seen the photos she messaged Diesel. (See below)


Moose texted back, “It’s not a good look for you, not me. You knew what you were doing when you took the pic.” Word? It was also alleged that he and CoCo had a one night stand! Wow…can this ailing marriage be saved?? I feel bad for buddy…Ice T that is. Do you think CoCo is cheating? Speak your thoughts!


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6 replies

  1. Wow!!! Really Coco??

  2. Zebras can’t change their stripes Ice. Sorry buddy.

  3. The hand writing is on the wall, believe it now or later. It’s obvious. Ice-T seems like a nice guy, seems like coco is enjoying all the benefits that her Vegas life has to offer.

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