WOMEN ENJOY BEING RAPED according to Indonesian Official!


Let us lock Indonesian official Daming Sanusi in a jail cell and let him get raped repeatedly by a group of men and see if it is as enjoyable for him as it is to them! Sanusi, when asked if the death penalty should be given out in rape convictions, stated that in rape cases “both the rapist and the victim enjoy it”…read that quote again. Yea, you read it correctly! Daming Sanusi, a candidate for the Indonesian Supreme Court, has sparked even more outrage in the predominantly Muslim country by suggesting that rape victims enjoy being violated. Well of course, Sanusi is no longer a candidate. And if I were Indonesian police or government I would be looking deep into all unsolved rape cases…because clearly this animal has raped before or at least fantasized about it! Filthy scum!

Read the full story from CNN!

Daming Sanusi: Rape Victims Enjoy it.

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