Is Manti Te’o gay? If so, that is the only logical explanation for this hoax…


I had many people who wanted me to speak on the Te’o hoax yesterday when the news broke. However, I needed time to digest the situation and research all angles before I gave my opinion on the situation. I apologize in advance if this post offends anyone…but here it goes…I can only think of one logical and acceptable explanation for Manti Te’o’s elaborate hoax that he played on all of us! That is that Manti Te’o is a gay athlete and he was ashamed of coming out. And perhaps after so much pressure (likely from peers or fellow Mormons) to have a gorgeous girlfriend like so many other star athletes, he caved and invented one. One that he didn’t have to see, sleep with…and even more disturbing, one that he could kill off and possibly gain even more sympathy. He then could use that excuse for not dating anyone else for years until he perhaps got the courage to come out later in life. This may seemed far fetched to some but it happens more often than you know. So many closeted homosexuals have admitted to making up boyfriends or girlfriends to keep their peers, family, and CHURCH off their back. Te’o is a devout Mormon.

Now I did a lot of soul searching before I wrote this because I wanted to explore every possible explanation for this hoax and what either party had to gain from it. Also, I knew I would get some backlash for my controversial opinion that Te’o is indeed gay. But there is absolutely no part of me that believes Te’o is the victim here. He made this up y’all. Not to strengthen his Heisman chances, he didn’t need to. His talent had already spoken for itself. There have been plenty of talented Heisman winners who didn’t have uber dramatic lives and obstacles to overcome! They won due to their talent and character alone. Also, why would someone play an online hoax on Te’o? Why not just send a seemingly innocent but absolutely gorgeous gold digger posing as a college student to con Te’o into knocking her up and marrying her? It happens all the time, right? That would have been a more reasonable ‘victim’ story Te’o!

It is such a shame that so many men and women still have to live in shame of who they are and most importantly who they want to love. I hate that this post seems like I am trying to “out” the football star! But honesty, this may be Manti’s only chance to come clean and walk away with some sort of dignity. Because if Te’o isn’t gay, then he looks like a gullible idiot or a sociopath and he will never live down the shame of this lie. Because one things for sure, the blood hounds (media) are sniffing. And they will get to the bottom of it. My prayers are with Manti and his family as well as anyone else affected by this hoax. Read the story that changed everything below.

Deadspins Manti Te’o hoax story


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