UPDATE! ABC news has reported that 15 year old Nehemiah Griego had planned to kill his 12 year old girlfriends family AND go to the local Walmart and shoot unsuspecting shoppers! Police are also considering charging the girlfriend with murder as well since she may have known about the crime beforehand. Read ABC’s Colleen Curry’s full story below!

Teen Planned to Attack Walmart After Killing Family

A 15 year old boy has been arrested in connection to a horrific New Mexico shooting which left a couple and three of their children dead. Nehemiah Griego, who is said to be of relation to the family, is the shooter according to numerous news outlets. Although the details are fuzzy, many are saying that Griego shot all 5 victims multiple times with a assault rifle in their New Mexico home. The motive is still unclear. They did not release the names of the victims, saying the process of formally identifying the remains was still going on, but they said the home belongs to Greg and Sarah Griego. Greg Griego was the chaplain for the Albuquerque Fire Department and involved in several prison ministries. The shooting comes just a few days after President Obama’s gun control proposal.

Watch the video below for more details about the shooting. I fear our nation is becoming more and more numb to these types of crimes. It is sad, really. My prayers go out to all affected by the horrible tragedy.


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  1. NOT ONLY! do we have to be afraid of random shooters killing our kids, now we have to be prepared for our kids to kill us smh. The government needs to bring back the good ole’ “ass whoopin” smh

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