HIV POSITIVE Woman Sues Doctor…Claims she Was Tricked Into Taking an HIV test!


Something smells fishy here! A New York woman claims she was duped into taking an HIV test without proper consent.

“I was tricked. I never signed any paper,” the woman told last week. “It was a slap in the face.”

The woman, who is calling herself “Jane Doe” to protect her privacy, had undergone gastric-bypass surgery at another clinic when a nutritionist referred her to Dr. Yutsis’ Lifex Medical Care clinic for treatment of a Vitamin B12 deficiency, due to her low red blood count (anemia). Most healthy people get their vitamin B12 from their diet so when normal treatment failed to elevate her white blood count to within normal range as well, Dr. Yutsis recommended she take an HIV test to determine the reason for her low white blood count. The woman refused stating that all she wanted to do was heal from her surgery.

From that point, Dr. Yutsis took it upon himself to test the woman and inform her of her HIV positive status. The woman states she never consented and was embarrassed because the news was broken in an unprofessional manner and she claims her chart was left open for other employees to see.

“My body got numb. I was not good after that,”the woman said. “I was tricked with something I had no clue about.”

…Do you believe she had no clue about her status?? I am a bit skeptical.


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4 replies

  1. What is she mad about? He didn’t give her HIV, he just told her she had it. And who wouldn’t want to know that?

  2. Yea…I don’t know about this one. Either way, if she really didn’t know she might be mad for a minute…but get over it and get some damn treatment!

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