Is video model & escort Jenna Shea suicidal? Her tweets may be a cry for help!


Popular video model and escort Jenna Shea tweeted some very disturbing tweets last night that hinted around at the fact that she may be depressed or worse, suicidal.  Jenna, who has over a million twitter followers, is well known in the sports and entertainment industry as a high priced escort. In an interview last year, Jenna stated that she charges 10,000 an hour with a two hour minimum to “hang” with her clients. In the interview she also put several rappers on blast such as Lil Wayne, Fabolous, Yung Berg, Cam’ron, Juelz Santana and others…well now perhaps her reputation has caught up with her and has become too much to bear.

If this is a cry for help, or God forbid a farewell, let this be a lesson to women (young and old) that all that glitters ain’t gold. The fast life can catch up to you and in the end leave you lonely, broken, and confused. When Jenna was a young girl, do you think her dream was to become a high priced hooker? I highly doubt that.

Read the cryptic tweets below and judge for yourself. At one point, a friend (@djdynasty80)  responded “your scaring me don’t leave just yet” in reply to a tweet saying “I have upped my life insurance policy today no criminal history and good health also wrote my death wishes only one benefactor”. WOW…After her death quotes and rants about life insurance policies, her last tweet read “omw”. On my way” where Jenna? Hmm…I may be reaching here, but  I hope the poor girl is alright. Someone should go check on her.  Real talk…





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