Hey! You wanna know what songs Beyoncé is performing on Superbowl Sunday? Get in here!


Rumors are swirling that Beyoncé is even more amped about her Superbowl halftime performance. After the news broke that she lip synced the national anthem at President Obama’s inauguration ceremony on Monday, the superstar singer is making it a point to SHUT DOWN the Superdome in New Orleans when she hits the stage. US WEEKLY REPORTS:

An insider exclusively tells Us that Beyonce, 31, will perform her hit “Crazy in Love” during a solo set to kick off the show. Midway through the act, she’ll be joined by Rowland, 31, and Williams, 32, to sing a medley of their biggest hits starting with “Bills, Bills, Bills,” “Survivor,” and ending with their new track “Nuclear.”

I’ve heard “Nuclear” and I wasn’t really a fan of it. Maybe it will grow on me. But the other songs…hell yea I will be bouncing and shaking in front of the TV with Bey and Destiny’s Child! Y’all betta werk!!

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