Indianapolis Colts could snag ALL-PRO cornerback DARRELLE REVIS!


The trade wires are heating up with news that the Indianapolis Colts are 1 of 3 front runners that could acquire all-pro cornerback Darrelle Revis. The Colts have plenty of holes in their roster, particularly on the defensive side of the ball, and we (I say we because this is MY team!) have the cap room to do something about it! They enter the offseason $46 million under the limit, so a long-term deal with Revis is well within reach. Hopefully the front office won’t be cheapskates and snag Revis! While following the Colts all these years, I’ve seen how they like to take 3rd & 4th round draft picks and mold them into formidable players that sometimes out perform 1st rounders. But now under new general manager Ryan Grigson, I would expect them to jump on this opportunity. The Colts spent nearly all of their 2012 draft picks on the offensive side, and while they built a strong nucleus around rookie QB Andrew Luck, the defense needs a lot of attention. Bringing in Revis would allow them to put their resources toward must-needed upgrades to the front seven and ensure they have the capability to shut down a team’s wideouts. Although a decent pickup, Cassius Vaughn needs to be upgraded. He did an okay job at times, but he was beaten way too often on big plays that sometimes led to game changing touchdowns.

I hope that this is a move the Colts will make. It would be a perfect fit to a perplexing problem they have faced too often…giving up the big plays.



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  1. Get revis, enough said. We have seen in the past how players coming off an injury can play and even play better and we have seen in the past how the Indianapolis coaching staff can turn good players into great players. Take a chance on revis trust me ikno Indy and we sure can use revis. If revis comes to the colts we will have a pair of dominant and shutdown corners we all have seen what vontae can do and once a receiver is trapped in revis island there is nothing they can do even if it’s a too notch receiver. A

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