Intruder POOPS, MASTURBATES, SNIFFS clothes & EATS couples vacuum DUST inside Florida home!


Y’all, I am literally SPEECHLESS! It took me about 5 minutes to begin writing this post because I was in disbelief!! Gregory Matthew Bruni, a 21 year old carnival worker, is accused of breaking into Tony and LaDonna Land’s Florida home they share with their son. Once inside, he pooped, masturbated, rubbed and sniffed their son’s clothes on his body, and ate dust from the family’s vacuum. No one could make up this nonsense! Here is a timeline of the weird events from the Huffington Post:

Bruni’s timeline of weirdness:

1. Got naked, climbed onto the Lands’ roof.

2. Attacked Tony Land by jumping on him and hitting his shoulder.

3.Ran into Lands’ house, knocked down a TV and spilled the contents of a vacuum on the floor.

4. Dodged bullets fired by LaDonna Land.

5. Masturbated in the living room.

6. Rubbed clothes on his face in the Lands’ son’s room.

7. Defecated on the floor in two places.

8.Drank the contents of the vacuum.

Bruni was taken into custody and transported to a hospital for evaluation, where doctors reportedly told deputies they planned to conduct tests to determine “what Bruni was on.”
Bruni has been charged with criminal mischief, battery, occupied burglary and resisting arrest without violence.

Lord Jesus!! What IN THE HELL?! And not ONE of those bullets hit his weird a$$?! Bath salts anyone?! Y’all can “pop a Molly” if y’all want to and up like Bruni…


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