Oh no! Indianapolis MURDERER accidentally released in Chicago!


Wow! Who in the hell dropped the ball here? I swear our justice system is so screwed up! Convicted murderer Steven Robbins, who was serving a 60 year sentence for a 2002 murder in Indianapolis, was freed Tuesday in Illinois because of an error by Chicago court and security officials.

CNN reports:

Robbins was taken to Illinois on Tuesday for a court hearing on unrelated weapons and drug charges, according to the Indiana Department of Correction.

Both of those charges were dropped and Robbins was supposed to be returned to an Indiana prison to continue serving his 60-year sentence for the murder.

Well that did not happen. Steven got the surprise of his life when he was released from prison. Illinois officials are trying to determine who exactly is a fault for the error.

“The sheriff has ordered an investigation into the facts and circumstances regarding his court appearance and release from custody,” the Cook County Sheriff’s Department said.

Meanwhile, Robbins is on the run, perhaps heading back to Indianapolis. Smh…dummies.


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