THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Woman tricks long time partner into getting her pregnant


This morning, while listening to satellite radio, a couple was discussed that had been together for several years and the man had expressed that he had no desire for children. Being the good girlfriend she was, she stayed on birth control pills but deep down she knew she wanted children so she continued to try and sway her boo for a baby but to no avail. Well here’s when the plot thickens! The woman then decides to go off birth control unbeknownst to her partner. Shortly after, she then becomes pregnant and is scared to break the news to him. Finally, when she does, he grows crazy and claims entrapment! He says he is done with her and wants nothing to do with the child financially or emotionally due to her deception. He claims he trusted the woman with everything and didn’t feel like she would do something like that. Do you agree with his actions? Is he wrong to not want anything to do with the child?

I personally believe that the woman is definitely a deceitful bish. However, buddy should have wrapped it up EVERYTIME or SNIPPED it one time! That would have solved all the issues and it would have shown whether his woman was in it for the long haul. Clearly she wasn’t and her lies prove it. What do you think?



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  1. *Deep breaths* So much to say about this, so little time! I’ve seen this play out in real life more times than I can count! {Note: To you young girls out there thinking of doing the same thing, ’cause you just looovvvvveeee your boyfriend so much you don’t want to lose him … stop that foolish train of thought right now. It never works} but and this is a big but–for the love of all that is good with condoms; I wish guys wise up!!! My God! Even if this chick (who I’d like to punch in the face, lemme add, ’cause I don’t support this mess) was taking her birth control on the regular, she STILL could have ended up pregnant. Then what? He shoulda thought about that, too. The person I feel bad for the most is the kid.

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