WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO: Tiger SNAPS & mauls trainer in Mexico in front of shocked audience!


I am a firm believer that some animals belong in the wild, away from human life as God intended. But somehow humans have come up with this idea that we are so superior to animals that we deserve the right to TAME them and put them in circuses and such. That is, until someone comes up dead. Sadly, it has happened in Mexico. Russian animal trainer Alexander Krispin was performing in Northwest Mexico with two tigers in front of eager circus goers. That is, until something went horribly wrong! The video below shows Krispin in a large cage briskly walking in circles around 2 large tigers. Perhaps feeling threatened, one of the tigers pounces on Krispin and latches onto his head. 😦 Workers rushed to intervene but the tamer would later die in the hospital. Can we just leave the wild animals alone?? RIP buddy.


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  1. *Blank stare* I’m neither insensitive, nor an unsympathetic person (at least I don’t think) … but what do people expect out of these animals? really and truly? And I mean, yeah I feel bad for the dude’s family… but my heart goes out to the Tiger who’s probably already been put down for doing what’s natural to him.

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