Canadian school says “racist” letter was unauthorized, police investigating possible prank



This cannot be real life. Are you kidding me? I came across this letter on my twitter timeline and immediately thought it was a joke! I then googled the school, the principal and vice principal on the letter and it is indeed a real school (school name, letterhead, and faculty). There names are Principal: Sam Miceli and Vice Principal: Lucie Kletke. The school, Richview Collegiate Institute is a secondary school located in Toronto. There are about 1000 students enrolled in the urban high school.

My question is, did a disgruntled student come across some school letterhead and type up this fake letter to slander the school? I cannot imagine someone on the staff actually typing this up and sending it out to students and teachers! Are there only a handful of black students on campus and only white students got them? I have so many unanswered questions!

The letter reads verbatim:

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Dear teachers and students,

As of late the safety of our students’ has been brought into question. Due to a frequent increase in student robberies and fights this letter has been sent out to inform students on safety precautions that are to be taken to protect their well being. Personal belongings are to be kept with you at all times. Do not leave any belongings in the change room as they may be stolen. In the halls avoid eye contact with African American students. They have a higher chance of becoming aggressive when confronted. Due to their aggressiveness African American students will be made to pay an extra fee of $1.50 per purchase in the cafeteria.

Thank you for your co-operation,

Ok, I found quite a few grammatical errors in this letter that I would not expect a school secretary to make. However, even as a prank, it shines a really negative light on Richview Collegiate Institute. For more information about the school, click the link below and read their Wikipedia page.




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  1. Obviously, you don’t know if this is real because this is the same picture circulating all over twitter from hours before you posted this article. Number two, Richview is a public, urban high school so it looks like you’ve done no research, at all. And three, if there are grammatical errors, what makes you think a possibly spiteful student couldn’t have done it? ……….i’ll wait. No answer? Ok. Next time, cite your work.

    • 1st of all…thank you for reading! And secondly I AM A BLOGGER, not a reporter so I dont have to cite my work lady. Thirdly, you must not have FULLY read my post because I did state that I believed the letter was possibly written by a disgruntled student! However the mere fact that you found my site Brenda shows me that you wanted to know whether there was truth to the letter so perhaps you have a more personal connection with the school. I am from the US so forgive me for thinking a public “urban” school can be prestigious and elite too! How silly of me! Now Brenda honey did you read all the article before you went in on me? I’ll wait….no answer? Okay, so how about next time you comment so STRONGLY on my post make sure you read it ALL boo. Happy Friday!

    • Brenda your ignorance is astounding, this is a blog she did her best to present the information available in an unbiased manor. this is a very being taken very seriously by the schoolboard and there is an ongoing police investigation. SO, THERE?

  2. People really wear their hearts on their sleeves don’t they? Wow…lol

    • Um . No . You called it a private school . Its an urban public school . Urban is just an adjective, not the subject of that statement . And maybe more people would like your blog if you did cite it because you definetly said it was real and i see no proof that it is . So, there .

      • “So there.” Brenda you sound so childish. No where in my article did I say the letter was real. Ifanything I made it clear that i thought it was fake and perhaps written by a student. But clearly you already had it made up in your mind what you wanted to read. And it’s “definitely” not “definetly”. If you wanna be an investigative reporter learning to spell would probably be part of the requirements. But with spell check these days, ahh who cares?

  3. Where in this post do you ever say this was infact a real letter? Maybe people should brush up on their reading skills before they try to post ignorant comments about what they thought was written. Just sayin..

  4. @Brenda that’s what happens when trying to belittle someone goes wrong haha….anyways I’m glad someone took the time to insight me on things that went over my head regarding this letter. I just read it & immediately went online to see if there was any proof of this being real. I’m hoping our thoughts of it being fabricated is right, cause if it’s legit African Americans are gonna rain down on that school & that’s coming from one.

  5. I went to a school only a few minutes away from RCI, and so I am aware of Richviews racist reputation. When you went to their school on sporting events you could really smell the stench of racism. I remember thinking I could never go to a school like this. With that said this letter might be real. I called the school to do some investigations, and the administration sent my call vmail. Then I tried again and spoke to the secretary, she acknowledge the letter in the beginning and then got on the defense (maybe my tone gave me away) . She demanded to know whose name was at the bottom of the letter but I did not have that information. She also said she could not help me until she knew who it was sighed by. I challenged her when I asked don’t all letters with letter heads go through the administrators, and the schools office. She then shot back that a teacher could have sent it out. hmmmmmmm. Sounds like they are trying to displace the blame. It was funny how we had this nice lengthy vague conversation about a letter that “may not be real” … what do you guys think?

    • Wow! Thanks for the comment and for doing additional research. That is odd that the secretary asked all of those questions about a “fake letter”. If she knew it was fake she wouldn’t have asked any questions. She would have simply stated so. This is getting more and more interesting! I will update my article with the information. You can remain anonymous or I can give you full credit. Let me know! Thanks again!

    • Are you serious? Lol you need to do some legitimate research before making claims like this. I went to Richview for all 4 years of school, I’ve been graduated for just under 3 years now, and it is NOT IN ANY WAY a racist school. It’s situated in an upper-middle class neighborhood that is, yes, predominantly white. But it has one of the only public french immersion programs in Toronto, so we have a huge chunk of the students coming from the Rexdale and Lakeshore areas.

      Whoever you are @peterpanskid, you clearly passed judgement on Richview and its students (it doesn’t surprise me but it doesn’t mean it’s right). Yes, the majority of students are white. And yes, there are the odd issues of race among the student body… but no more than at any other high school.

      • I have no Idea what Peterpanskid is talking about, but it is complete BS, like Taylor I also went to this school, and racism was never a problem, everyone got along fine, and I am a visible minority myself, staff and students were all great, and I know the administration like hell if you had that conversation with them.

  6. “The problem with quotes found on the internet is that they’re not always accurate.” – Abraham Lincoln.

    Next time please verify facts before publishing them, specially if it involves reputation, pride and prestige. It`s a nice school and one of the best in Toronto.

    • Thank you for your comment. And I agree with you. However, no where in my post did I say that any of the allegations were true. Your beef should be with the person who wrote this “fake” letter not me who is just shedding light on the situation. I NEVER said the allegations were facts. Thanks for reading nonetheless.

    • The author of that letter, whether real or fake, should be the individual held accountable. “Don’t shoot the messenger.” — Shakespeare

    • I’m about to fall out my chair laughin– really a quote about the internet from Abraham Lincoln..lmao…oh this is too much…hahahahaha…we’ll know if its true or not once a student that is African American says the got charged the extra 1.50 in the lunchroom…however can I just point out that there probably isn’t any African Americans in the school since we are in Canada. I believe negro students are considered canadian not american.

  7. Very interesting blog article! I would love to see the TDSB (Toronto District School Board) do some investigating of their own. These allegations have now come to light and as a Toronto taxpayer I would love to see what becomes of this. Whether it is real or fake, somebody out there should be held accountable for their actions.

    • Thank you for reading! And that is exactly what I am trying to do. I just want to create healthy dialogue and get to the bottom of this. In no way am I trying to slander or belittle the schools reputation. But people like you, including parents and students, deserve answers.

  8. I’m surprised that no one has drawn the link between this letter and black history month. Probably written by a racist student trolling for an uproar after attending a black history month event/assembly at school. Some people love black history month here and others think its an unnesscary thing. They opened the first Afrocentric public elementary school in Toronto here a few years ago and people were in uproar calling it separatist.

    Anywho I live in Toronto. Richview is in an upper middle class neighbourhood. Which is close to other ‘priority neighbourhoods’ as they call them. These priority neighbourhoods are filled with black and brown lower income people. The school is ‘urban’ in the sense that it is not in the Toronto suburbs and closer to downtown. Urban as term also colloquially used to describe people of colour and their culture, would not apply to this school though. But anything to make it sound nice and inclusive right?

    Anyways toronto’s urban areas tend to be populated by upper/middle class whites. While people of colour live on outskirts of the city (See the report on three cities for more info on race:income:geographic divide of Toronto ) lol a citing !

    Like most schools that are predominately upper middle class and white, there are black lower income students who’s families are just trying to get them into a good school with resources, high levels of graduation etc.

    Like most other schools with mixed population there is also probably race hostility, race/class divisions and other things that the average joe would have the (white) privilege of being able to look over and not notice in a ‘good school’.

    It exists everywhere I know Richview is not the lone school in the city with race issues, I’ve been asked to advocate for parents in other schools for children experiencing discrimination as well.

    Toronto however likes to pride itself in being a multi-cultural city. This is true of all the festivals and fairs and foods you can delight yourself with, but not in terms of economics social, and political power.

    • Thank you for reading and also for your insight and personal point of view on the city itself as it relates to schools and race relations. I have never been myself so I had no clue what the demographics were and how it related to Richview. Again, thanks for reading and “citing” as well! 😉

  9. I am wondering if this letter was not distributed to the whole student body but to only a small few in private.

    • yes, it was within a group of friends (some of which are black themselves) and was written as a joke just for them and somehow went viral (i am a student at RCI and know the story).

  10. This needs to stop. Richview would never in there right mind send out a letter like this. This was just a stupid prank made by a student at the school who by the way is black. Anyone who would read this and believe an actual admin sent this out is plain dumb

    • Thanks for commenting! And also did you read the other posts I did confirming what we ALL already knew? Prime example of prank gone wrong huh? A “prank” that could have damaged the schools reputation. And whether the student who wrote it was black, white, or green….the letter was written and went viral so I guess they should have thought long and hard about such a bonehead decision. Because racism isn’t taken well by any race these days, whether REAL or prank. Oh and since you know the person who wrote the letter…have them email me (my contact info is on my site) to clear the air and take the negative attention away from the school. Its only right….

  11. this makes me laugh because of it’s outright candor.

  12. I dont understand how people can be this gullible.its fake.part of an english project analyzing post colonial theory.don’t believe everything you see on the internet so blindly.

    • Hey! Thanks for commenting. I think at this point no one is questioning the authenticity of the letter (see my other posts) I think the issue is the racist person on persons (whether black or white) that did such a dumb prank, ON SCHOOL LETTERHEAD, and put their schools integrity.

      • Again,i go to richview. i know who wrote it,it was all part of an english project which clearly ought not to have been posted on fb.

      • Wow, part of an English project? Did the teacher know about it? More importantly did the principal know? Because according to the letter emailed out to parents (read my other post) the school condemned it and has the Toronto Police Department investigating the letter. Not unless that letter is fake too.

      • i am not claiming anything,i am telling you for a fact that this is nothing more than a project related to post colonial theory. Google it. my own project was based on queer theory.of course the teacher knew. The problem is that the image was posted without under the pretense that it was real because the author though it would be funny.the reason police are involved is because anyone who was not in that english class,and who was gullible enough,fell for it,and spread it; which is essentially slander.

      • Wow so many grammatical errors in my last reply,sorry about that it’s pretty late here. I just wanted to add that the second letter you posted is in fact real.the school also made calls home in order to repair the damage that had been done.

  13. If it was part of a school project analyzing post-colonial theory, as the commentor above said, then there is no issue of racism by anyone involved, and just shows peoples’ continued need to create something out of nothing in this situation.

    There is no way that this letter could ever have existed in a serious way. The only people who have potentially affected “school integrity” are people who wrote articles about it and wrote headlines that suggest guilt even if they don’t explicitly state it. “Canadian school allegedly sends out RACIST letter to students and teachers; says black students should be avoided because of their aggression!” is clearly simply an attempt to create a compelling headline that makes people read your article, but you can’t deny that “allegedly” has become a word people use when they think someone is guilty but for journalistic/legal/political reasons are unable to just come out and say it.

    Also, you now know for a fact that the article wasn’t written by the school, but your headline still has “canadian school” as its subject. You are still letting readers assume that its the school to blame, and you can’t deny that the tone of a headline doesn’t colour your reading of an article. Maybe it’s time to change your title.

    • Katy, thanks for commenting. What I find so puzzling is how I am being seen as “the bad guy” for bringing light to a situation that never should have happened. Fake racism is not some “scientific experiment” to use to see how many people get angry or worked up over a fake letter. It is easy for someone on the outside looking in who has never experienced racism or been racist towards anyone to say there is no issue of racism. And to find fault in a title of an article! I am almost humored at the fact you are suggesting i am using my title for blog hits. I am not CNN, NBC, or the AP! I am a blogger like you, we just blog differently. Clearly it was written, in a Canadian school and sent out, just not by school administration. (My follow up post confirms this from the school itself) since you want to get all “politically correct” with my wording, perhaps you should go work for one of the news channels mentioned above or your local newspaper instead of being the “Title Police” on my little ole’ blog. Do you work for RCI? No you must be from Toronto. Or are you just throwing shade at a fellow WordPress blogger?

  14. I’m a student from Richview, and from what I’ve heard it was a joke by an African American kid to begin with.

  15. Tahlia, you must be borderline retarded. Use that thing called a “brain”. Now you aren’t a reporter, but when somebody puts something out there in the manner you did, it makes it very obvious that you shouldn’t even be blogging, unless you’re blogging from the Special Olympics. I knew people were this stupid, I just like pointing it out when I see it.


    They’re all gonna laugh at you! They’re all gonna laugh at you!

    • Wow! And don’t you look like such a smart guy calling me retarded! Now first off, if the reference you are making me to me being “retarded” is because you think I thought the letter was real is just making you look like a dumb ass. Now did you write the letter and think that perhaps it was going to stay between you and your prep school buddies and instead it went viral and got to a blogger like me? You must not read very well, or you need hooked on phonics because in no way did i say the letter was really written by RCI Administration. But SOMEONE at RCI wrote it and I bet they regret it now. Because a dumb retard like me made it public and now the Toronto Police are investigating it. Oops, my bad…I shouldn’t have done such a retarded thing by shedding light such a bigoted, racist letter, english project, prank (it has been called so many different things) that ultimately made the school (perhaps your school) look bad. Now your “retarded, stupid, use your brain” comments should be directed to the idiots that wrote the letter not me. And actually, yes, people do laugh, cry, shout at,and LOVE me. Google me. Now grab your lotion, and go back to playing with your ONLY FRIEND…thanks for reading!

  16. You have to be absolutely nuts to think this is real. This could literally be straight out of The Onion. I’m in shock that you’d waste your time critiquing on something so obviously satirical, especially the last sentence about an extra African American tax.

    • To be honest, whoever wrote this should take their talent somewhere, I’m very impressed.

    • Perhaps you are one of the MANY people who did not thoroughly read this post or any of the other posts I wrote regarding the letter. And when I write about something, to me, it is not a waste. Essentially the RCI Administration and the Toronto Police Department don’t find it to be a waste, they find it to be slander of the school. C’mon now, it is funny how I am the scapegoat for writing about the ignorance portrayed in this “prank or English project gone wrong” and not the people who actually wrote it. Well, unlike them, I take full responsibility for writing about it. Oh well…

  17. I will have fun playing with my lotion, and my only friend. Thanks for the encouragement.

    Back to topic, while it was retarded to think that this is newsworthy in any way, or that the police are actually taking this seriously, it is a good thing that it has gone viral. It will remind people to avoid making eye contact with certain “people” as they can be easily agitated, and not to leave your things lying around where they can be stolen, again, by certain “people”, which is a term I use loosely.

    While that letter may not be “politically correct”, it is certainly correct in reality.

  18. OK folks, put the black guilt aside and don’t hide behind your finger and let’s face the truth. Ask youself this simple question, do you have the balls to make eye contact with a black teen male?. 99.99% of white males will say NO. They avoid this because they know black ppl are too aggressive and yes that’s how Guerrilla behave !

  19. @Josh and @maybe yes:

    The pair of you a jokes. If you dont have the “balls” to make eye contact with a black teen male – you should pull your head out of your ass, it might make looking people in the face easier – in general. Also as Tahlia has noted several times, you should finish that high school education of your and learn how to read.

    Nowhere in this blog was it stated that this was “news” and that the author is “not a journalist” but a blogger. If you’d taken the time to read the entirety of the post and the threads within you’d realize that a hell of a lot of good has come from this blog post alone. The school has been asked for comments and the Police are looking into it.

    You think its so funny to ruffle the feathers of others from behind the safety of your keyboard – its little shit like you – those who say crap like “its not politically correct, but correct in reality” that need to get their fucking heads checked. We live in a day and age where racist bigotry like this letter (regardless of its origin -prank, social experiment, racist teacher, whatever) should exist. and people, such as yourself would be hung drawn and quartered for satirical quips like the bullsht above.

    I apologize for my use of sentence enhancers but I am sick of little aforementioned shit heads pissing on peoples parade simply because they want to get a rise out of someone out there.

    Have fun being cowards for the rest of your lives Josh and maybe yes. I hope one day your balls drop and you realize the world is full of colourful people – and guess what, they don’t bite.

    Keep up the blogging there Tahlia – good to see our southern neighbours take interest in things worth taking interest in. Air – five.

    • Thank you so much for commenting! I am so extremely grateful to know that my posts have pushed school officials and authorities to take action against ignorant cowards such as Josh and Maybe so or whomever they are! I am even more grateful for ppl like you who read my posts and actually “figured it out” 😉 and understood why i did what I did. Ppl like you make TahliaSpeaks possible…and you know what? Ppl like the bigot cowards make it possible to! So I will gladly take all haters and congratulators because all it makes me do is grind harder! I’m here to stay! God bless!

  20. this is long gone this topic but the person who wrote this was found out and suspended from school for a time span of 201 days it was then shortened to 15. what people don’t know and never even thought about was the true story behind this letter. this letter was written by a black student. this was a joke to be shared between him and his friends. he enjoys poking at steryotypes because he understands how ridiculous they are he especially enjoys poking fun at his own steryotype. he feels that he is comfortable enough in his own skin and therefeore felt that a joke like this between friends at his own expense was worth the laugh and because it was towards him no one could get hurt…. two copies were made and kept with him at all time, never handed out, never posted online. a girl in one of his classes took a picture of it and posted it on twitter, from there it went viral, people posting one picture, the same picture giving it the impression that multiple copies were given out. this however was not true. the student had warned all who he showed this letter to that pictures were not to be taken and copies were not being made for people. this girl took the page and took the picture against his wishes, he again warned either delete the picture or do nothing with it other than look at it to laugh if deleting it is such a big issue.she tweeted it anyway. it went from there, the student felt terrible lost sleep for a week before word got back that he wrote it. after the school investigation the school found that the story ws true and both students recieved the same suspension. this should clear up any questions people had. and this is pure fact


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  2. William Wylie from CANADA.COM sends Tahlia Speaks a “Thank You” email for breaking the story on RCI’s racist school prank letter « TAHLIA SPEAKS

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