FASHION FAIL! Ladies I need your opinion, would you wear this ensemble??


Just when I thought I had seen it all, this ensemble is posted to my Facebook timeline. Anyone who knows me well knows how much I despise anything that remotely resembles a Michael Jordan heel, pump, sneaker heel, etc. One because they always seem to look cheap and ghetto, and two because they are blatant knockoffs of the Team Jordan shoe brand. These “designers” know damn well that Michael Jordan did not authorize OR cosign on this atrocity. Now I have seen the horrendous “team Jordan” heels like the ones below.


Nothing screams “cheap and ghetto” like these Jordan knock off heels. But it seems like now some people decided to do a more customized, elegant appeal to Jordan heels. Above we have a glittery “Louboutinesque” platform heel with a matching glitter jumpman T-shirt. And although I admire the design abilities of the person, I hate the outfit. Why not stop promoting knock off Jordan merchandise and start your own design? I could see these shoes without the fake Jordan logo…and perhaps the designers OWN logo. Then I may consider wearing them and supporting an up and coming designer. Until Jordan actually endorses Jordan Brand high heels, I will NEVER approve! And even if he did come out with some, I wouldn’t wear them. He makes enough money with his sneakers! I’m just saying…


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  1. *Covers my face, then peeks out behind my fingers* I would wear the one on top BUT only for a special event. Let me explain!!!! LOL… Once upon a time (not that long ago, but still lol) I was in the club scene pretty hard. Did radio work, promoted clubs, was a flyer girl–all that good stuff! So, had there been a specific theme for the night?? Yeah, I’d rock the first shoes! The second pair, though, Burn them!!!!! Blech. I can just see them with someone in a matching tie-dye, blue hair style, ya know! I. Just. Can’t.

    • LOL noooooo!!! Say it ain’t so LoLo! Lol jk hey to each his own and I guess perhaps for a promo of some sort it might be acceptable. Or if perhaps Jordan officially came out with heels then I may not hate them so much lol.

  2. I would not, but I have a sweet but ghetto younger cousin, who is trying her heart out to find these shoes. Can you please tell me what site they came from, or where I can find them?

    • Hey there! I am sorry for the late response. I do not know where to find them. I actually came across this pic on facebook. If your cousin googles “Jordan Heels” I am sure a variety of options come up. Thanks for reading!

  3. I would like you to email me some more of the glitter pumps and I would like a pair how much are they I love them girl

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