Student who went to school near Richview Collegiate says school had “racist reputation”…



UPDATE as of 2/9/13 2:23 am est:

Someone sent me an email saying that the school has sent out a letter via email to parents confirming what we all pretty much knew. The letter WAS NOT written by a school official. In the letter the email states that the police are conducting a investigation. I am working on getting a forward of this email so I can share with you all.

Again, thanks for reading and I will be updating you all with the latest information.

Last night I wrote an article that created quite the debate on schools and race relations. The photo below has been circulating just about every social network for the past 24 hours. The letter, ALLEGEDLY written by a school official at Richview Collegiate Institute, basically states that black students are aggressive and eye contact should be avoided to minimize altercations. It also states that black students will have to pay a extra $1.50 for cafeteria items for their “aggressiveness”.


Now I had my doubts from the get go about this letter. BUT, if this letter was indeed written by a disgruntled student, why would they do this? Had they themselves been discriminated against or victimized because of their race and they decided to retaliate? Well a student who attends a school nearby had this to say to Tahlia Speaks:

“I went to a school only a few minutes away from RCI, and so I am aware of Richviews racist reputation. When you went to their school on sporting events you could really smell the stench of racism. I remember thinking I could never go to a school like this. With that said this letter might be real. I called the school to do some investigations, and the administration sent my call voicemail. Then I tried again and spoke to the secretary, she acknowledged the letter in the beginning and then got on the defense (maybe my tone gave me away) . She demanded to know whose name was at the bottom of the letter but I did not have that information. She also said she could not help me until she knew who it was signed by. I challenged her when I asked don’t all letters with letter heads go through the administrators, and the schools office. She then shot back that a teacher could have sent it out. Hmmmmmmm. Sounds like they are trying to displace the blame. It was funny how we had this nice lengthy vague conversation about a letter that “may not be real” … what do you guys think?”

Anyone who lives in the Toronto or Ontario area please call Richview Collegiate and see if you can get a official statement from the school! I am dying to hear what they have to say.

P.S. If you are a student or former student of Richview Collegiate Institute and you would like to share your race relations experiences (good or bad) feel free to email Please know I am not trying to slander the school at all. I am just trying to get answers for teachers, students, and parents.
The plot thickens…


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  1. As an alumni of this high school I would appreciate it if you were to post any updates or information regarding ‘the plot thickening’
    I would like to understand what is happening and cannot directly because I am living overseas.


    PS. if you would like to chat about this privately feel free to email me

  2. Fuck richview

  3. this is ridiculous. i currently attend richview and we have no issues with racism whatsoever. this was CLEARLY not written by a school official and was written as a joke between friends that somehow went viral. students of all races are aware that this was totally a joke and NOONE has taken it seriously, white or black. i am not being bias when i say that we are known as being a very accepting and of the safest schools in the tdsb and throwing opinions around is totally uncalled for. to the person whos comment is quoted, your lack of judgement on the richview environment is completely inadequate. this is 100% fake and richview has ZERO issues with racism.

    • I went to Richview and there were issues with racism. I think walking around with blinders and refusing to see issues (even ones that may not affect you directly) is a very stupid and unfortunate way of going through life. I graduated from Richview some years ago now, but during my time there I even had to call out a teacher on his racist comments. I don’t know if you will, but I suggest opening up your eyes and taking a look around you. This letter may be fake, but pretending racism doesn’t exist at your school is sad and very naive. Wake up.

      • Classicism and classicist frustrations could be more to blame here. RCI had a high population of over privileged white kids, but I wouldn’t have considered any of them to be racist. Maybe there were some isolated instances, but shit I mean that’s highschool, kids will rip on you for literally anything. Accusing the school of racism sounds crazy to me.

      • I’m not saying the school is a racist place, I’m saying there are instances of racism and there are/were racist people who go/went there. That is a fact, which you can affirm or deny if you’d like.

  4. I attended RCI just four years ago, and not once in my time there did I hear people talk about our so called “racist reputation”. We’ve had some school rivalries that would sometimes be taken too seriously, and to me this sounds like this is the case here. Some “rival” is trying to bash RCI. Sure I haven’t been back since I left, and maybe things have somehow magically drastically changed our school into some racist bigoted place, but I doubt it. This commenter is making one hell of a bold statement…

    I highly suspect that this fake was not done by a Richview student, at least I sincerely hope not. I think it is far more likely that these stupid school rivalries are to blame, and until someone comes forward I think that this is the safer assumption. The plot is not thickening; you’re glamorizing a fake controversy. You should be careful what you post, it could damage your journalistic integrity. I could be wrong, but for my school’s sake I really hope I’m not.

    • Thanks for commenting. If you look at the other post I did, a student that went to RCI claims to have known the students that put together the letter as a joke. SO, it could very well be a student at the school you went to, not a rival. And as far as “journalist integrity” I am only shedding light and personal opinion on the issue, never once did I say I believed the “rival” student or did I agree with her. I am merely someone who is bringing an issue to light. Everyone’s perception is their REALITY so therefore perhaps many students (whether black or white) never noticed racism because they were never victimized. However I have received anonymous emails of people who HAVE felt that way at RCI. So the school may not have had a racist rep but there very well could have been some bigoted activity taking place. Whether the students who wrote the letter as a joke (RCI student’s) were black or white, it still was racist and insensitive.

      • Interesting. I would like to know the whole story on this, I thought we were taught better than this. Sorry if my emotions are running somewhat high, I do have a vested interest in my old high school’s reputation. I’m not happy about seeing RCI being portrayed like this.

  5. I completely understand where you are coming from and I would be on the defense as well if my former high school was being deemed racist. Especially if my experience there was pleasant and I, myself had not participated or experienced any racism. Soon, I will be posting a letter that was emailed out to parents (allegedly) from RCI regarding the incident.

  6. I think it’s quite easy to say racism isn’t involved when you’re not the one being discriminated against. Whomever made the comment about “blinders” was “right on the money.” Just because you’re particular experience(s) are or have been great does not mean that there isn’t some shiesty “ish” going on around you. And to those that are like “what on earth would possess a student to write this fake letter” are exactly right…what would possess them to write it? Think on this a moment…I mean to go to this great length to expose an educational institution for racism is a bit much. Wouldn’t you say so? I mean, shit, if an African American was pissed or felt like they were being discriminated against at school, why not just go to the bathroom and write it on the bathroom stall like we all did when we were pissed about something at school?? Seriously people wise the hell up…just because it’s not happening to you or you haven’t seen it happen…doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

    P.S. There is a little thing we have in the constitution called Freedom of Speech. This blog is just that…Freedom of Speech. Keep us informed Tahlia!

  7. The school may or may not have a problem with racism ASIDE from this obviously fake, malicious prank letter, but statements like:

    “I went to a school only a few minutes away from RCI, and so I am aware of Richviews racist reputation. When you went to their school on sporting events you could really smell the stench of racism. I remember thinking I could never go to a school like this.”

    …are so vague as to be completely useless. Without concrete, verifiable details, it’s just more malicious gossip.



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