VIDEO: FREESTYLIN’ FELON! Detroit man RAPS his defense in court. Family says he’s mentally ill…


Talented, mentally ill, or both? A Detroit man facing felony charges for malicious destruction of fire or police property and resisting or obstructing a police officer, decided his best defense was to show his freestyling capabilities.

Callius Moon was arraigned by District Judge John Chmura via CCTV video Tuesday in a Warren District courtroom from a city jail. When the judge began to read the serious charges he faced, Moon began to plead his case with a freestyle rap! While most find it funny, Moon’s family does not. His mother and brother say that Callius suffers from mental illness and needs help. 😦

Watch the video:


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2 replies

  1. He rapped his defense, huh? So in other words, he got life in prison with no chance of parol? lol

  2. For starters, I couldn’t understand a damn thing he was saying, so props to the judge! On another note, if this is true–the mental illness part–I do feel for him, and his family. However, for the first time in … well, ever actually, I’ll have to side with the judge/cop. *cringe* … All they saw was a man, disturbing the peace and rapping in everyone’s face and space. They have no way of knowing, upon just looking at him, that he might have any issues with mental illness and decide to take him to crisis centers or clinics. Now that his family is speaking out, hopefully he’ll get help. But in a time where “hide your kids hide your wife” and “aint nobody got time for that” become youtube gold–it’s safe to say I (as well as many other people) are gonna need a little more proof that he’s not just trying to get a deal! Just sayin’

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