Richview Collegiate Institute Administration Responds to “RACIST” letter, sends email out to parents


Let me first start out by saying that I appreciate the reads, comments, and opinions that have been expressed regarding the accusations against RCI. Whether the comments were angry, nice, funny, biased, or unbiased…they helped create a healthy dialogue on the issue of race relations in schools. In no way was I ever trying to “cosign” with the letter or shed the school in a negative light by writing the post. I mainly just wanted to see if anyone else out there had seen or heard of the letter, and if they knew about the person or persons who wrote it. Nevertheless, I received an anonymous email from someone who said that parents received the email below directly from RCI Administration. DISCLAIMER: Although the email appears to have come directly from RCI, I cannot GUARANTEE the letter’s authenticity. I honestly think it is real. Whether you believe or not, it is up to you. Hopefully someone can be held accountable for this horrible prank that went way too far. Whether the student or students who wrote it are black or white, the letter is indeed racist/bigoted and should have never been tweeted, handed out, or shown to students. People were upset that I made the letter public, however you need to be GRATEFUL that CNN, NBC, Associated Press, or CBS didn’t decide to go public. Then my little “somewhat popular” blog would have been just a drop in the bucket.


Sent: Friday, February 08, 2013 4:30 PM
To: Undisclosed recipients:
Subject: Richview CI News – Unauthorized Communication
Dear Parents and Guardians,
It has just come to my attention that an unauthorized communication on Richview Collegiate letterhead is in circulation.  At the same time, the content of this letter is being shared on Twitter.  The letter is vulgar, racist and highly offensive as it victimizes Richview students.
If you receive this letter or learn about it from social media sites like Twitter, be assured that it is neither created nor distributed by Richview Collegiate or by the TDSB.  If you or your children are in receipt of these letters, they should be destroyed just as any Twitter content should be removed.
I assure you that this matter is being taken very seriously and is being investigated by school board officials and shared with Toronto Police.
Should there be any further developments, they will be shared promptly with our Richview family.
Sam Miceli

So there it is, do as you will with the letter. And feel free to make this letter go viral as well. 🙂 For questions or inquiries please email


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  1. Well, keep doing what you’re doing, lady!


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