Songstress ADELE DID NOT rip into Chris Brown for snubbing Frank Ocean at the Grammys


Adele appears to yell at Chris for snubbing Frank Ocean (GETTY)

UPDATE! Adele tweeted 2/12/13 at 7:47pm EST

Adele @OfficialAdele: Chris Brown and I were complimenting each other in that photo actually!

Rumors were swirling that “Someone Like You” singer Adele gave Chris Brown a verbal lashing when he refused to participate in a standing ovation after fellow R&B rival Frank Ocean beat him out and won a Grammy for “Best Urban Contemporary Album”. As the crowd rose to their feet and clapped for Ocean, Brown stayed in his seat, halfway clapping and looking off in the distance. When the applause died down, it looked as if Adele went in on Chris. Although no audio was captured, many claim that the songstress confronted Chris about being a sore loser.

Chris Brown and Frank Ocean came to blows outside a LA Studio because over what was rumored to be a parking spot. Ocean, who allegedly started the altercation, suffered an injured hand, Brown, and even more injured reputation.

Now, I had some reservations about this “confrontation”. First of all, as much as I love Adele, I feel like it would not have been her place to confront Brown. This is a beef between two men that does not concern her. Brown did not fake the funk, which I respect more than being fake and giving a standing ovation to someone who you just got into a fight with less than a month ago. At least Brown did clap, he didn’t have to do that. What if Chris had won? Would Frank had given him a standing ovation, I doubt it, and if he had, I would have thought it was fake. Either way, the two men have since squashed the beef and I am sure they will steer clear from each other until fate brings them together again. See more pics below:

Chris Brown stays seated as others give Ocean a standing ovation

Chris Brown stays seated as others give Ocean a standing ovation (CBS)

Adele & Chris

Perhaps Adele & Chris hug it out? (WIREIMAGE)


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