Norma Cheren may look like someone’s grandmother, but investigators say they were surprised when they found nine pounds of marijuana and $130,000 in cash in her home!

“Oh lawd Jeezus itsa FARRR!” Just when I think I have heard and seen it all, a homie of mine sends me this article from WSBTV ATLANTA!

Norma Cheren, a seemingly mild mannered and feeble looking old woman was busted by the Atlanta Police Department on Thursday in her home in Southeast Atlanta.  APD’s narcotics team raided her house on Vickers Street in southeast Atlanta on Thursday after detectives said they caught her trying to sell marijuana near a Cheesecake Factory restaurant in Buckhead. Once inside Norma’s home, they couldn’t believe their eyes! Police said they found a total of about $130,000 cash along with about nine pounds of marijuana. Yea, y’all read that right! Granny was slangin’! When news spread about Cheren’s arrest, a neighbor Ryan Young,  had this to say, “I’m shocked, I’m totally shocked. I would have never expected it,” he said. “Little old lady, she lives by herself, always see her coming in, coming out. Thought she was going to work.”

Norma was working alright, selling weed outside of the Cheesecake Factory! Unfortunately I couldn’t get the video to embed in my site so click the link below to watch the video from WSBTV Atlanta. Thanks QP!



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  1. lmao @ granny was slangin!

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