William Wolfe-Wylie from CANADA.COM sends Tahlia Speaks a “Thank You” email for breaking the story on RCI’s racist school prank letter


This past Friday, Tahlia Speaks broke the story of a prank gone wrong inside Richview Collegiate Institute, a Toronto area school. Although many people appreciated the fact that I broke the story, many didn’t (as you can read in the comments section of the original story). I took a lot of heat for shedding light on what many just called “a dumb prank”, a “english project”, and “rival school sabotage letter”. I was called ignorant, retarded, dumb, black girl gone mad, etc. However, I don’t regret my decision to further investigate the letter at all. Now, it looks as if someone has finally taken notice! William Wolfe-Wylie of Canada.com sent the email below thanking me for “bringing light to this”. Thank you for all that read my posts, shared, and commented. I am going to leave this issue alone as it has been emotionally draining (believe it or not I received racist emails targeting me and my blog). I trust that the Toronto Police Department and RCI will see to it that whomever wrote the letter will be held accountable for their actions. Read the email and click the link to read William’s article.

Hi Tahlia,

I wrote this today to follow up on your blog posts. Thanks for bringing light to this.

o.canada.com/2013/02/11/toronto-school-alerts-police-pursues-internal-investigation-following-racist-prank/ William William Wolfe-Wylie Home page editor, canada.com

William Wolfe-Wylie

Home page editor, canada.com


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