Reggie Bush reportedly “Confused”; getting cold shoulder from Miami Dolphins front office

Have we seen Reggie Bush in a Miami Dolphins jersey for the last time?

Miami Dolphins running back Reggie Bush is reportedly “confused” by the lack of communication between he and the Miami Dolphins front office with only a month left until free agency. reports:

The Miami Dolphins are reportedly stonewalling starting running back Reggie Bush. The pending free agent hasn’t heard from the team with about a month left before the start of free agency. 

 A source told Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post over the weekend that Bush and his camp are “confused” by the entire situation. Yes, Bush did everything right in his two years in Miami. He was a good leader who rushed for more than 2,000 yards the past two seasons. However, Bush should have expected a difficult negotiation. 

Miami has quality depth at running back. Rookie Lamar Miller looks like a future starter and averaged 4.9 yards per carry. Daniel Thomas is a former second-round draft pick who is inconsistent but talented enough to be a No. 2 option. 

The Dolphins have plenty of money to spend but they don’t want to spend it on a running back. Re-signing Bush won’t come cheap, and Miami feels better using its cap room on upgrading positions like wide receiver, cornerback and safety. Those are much more pressing needs. 

Bush did everything he could to make a good case to return to Miami. At times he was Miami’s only consistent playmaker on offense. But sometimes free agents are simply a victim of circumstance. This could be one of those examples.

Well, well…it definitely doesn’t look the Dolphins are jumping at the chance to re-sign Bush. If they were, I think that would have been a first priority. Although I didn’t watch a lot of Dolphins games this season, when I did, it seemed as if Reggie was a lot more productive  with Miami than he was with the Saints. But with depth at the running back position, I doubt Miami makes him an offer he can’t refuse. I feel he is worth it, just not to Miami. My guess? …He walks.


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