Four Alabama Football Players Facing Charges for Credit Card Fraud and 2nd Degree Robbery; Suspended Indefinitely


What in the hell?! A month after winning the BCS Championship game, four Alabama football players have been arrested and are facing charges of second-degree robbery or credit-card fraud. Apparently these young men were KO’ing fellow students, taking their wallets, and making purchases (probably dumb ones at that).

The Associated Press writes:

MONTGOMERY, Ala. — Three University of Alabama football players were charged with knocking students unconscious and stealing their wallets, and a fourth player was charged with using a stolen debit card, officials said Tuesday.

Linebacker Tyler Hayes, 18, and safety Eddie Williams, 20, confessed to robbing a student who was punched in the head and face, and kicked in the ribs and back early Monday morning, according to court documents. Williams said D.J. Pettway, 20, a defensive lineman, and Hayes waited in a nearby vehicle about an hour later while he knocked out and robbed another student. Williams and Hayes both admitted to their involvement, according to the documents.

Williams and running back Brent Calloway, 20, both admitted to using a stolen credit card to buy snacks from vending machines inside a dormitory, the documents said.

All four students were indefinitely suspended by Coach Nick Saban.

Now I know its hard being a broke college student, but why throw your future away? I guess the thirst was real.


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