AUDIO! COPS YELL “BURN THIS MOTHERF*CKER” before setting cabin ablaze where Chris Dorner took refuge


Ha! Peaceful resolution?? LAPD killed that man…but I wouldn’t expect anything less. Dorner was not going to live one way or another.

In an audio uploaded to, a male officer is heard yelling “Burn this motherf*cker!” before the cabin where cop killer, Christopher Dorner, hid out went up in flames.“We’re gonna go forward with the plan.. with the burners.. like we talked about,” says a male voice instructing other officers.“7 burners deployed and we have a fire,” says a male officer. A female voice is heard confirming.“We have fire in the front, he might come out the back,” says a male voice on the tape. Dorner apparently shoots himself as the cabin is set ablaze. “One shot fired from inside the residence,” says a male voice as cheers go up in the background.“Stand by. Maintain your discipline,” says a superior. The officers then state that the cabin is “fully engulfed” in flames.

Get ready for the movie…


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