VIDEO: Para-Olympic gold medalist Oscar Pistorius shoots model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp dead! Thought she was intruder…


Sad. Double amputee and para-olympic gold medalist Oscar Pistorius has been arrested for killing his girlfriend, FHM model Reeva Steenkamp. The athlete, who claims he thought his model was a intruder, shot Reeva twice in the head and possibly in the arm.

Via Huffington Post

Paramedics were called between about 4am and 5am after the woman was shot twice in the head and possibly the arm, according to the BBC.Police have recovered a 9mm pistol from the scene. He was also extremely conscious about his safety whilst in his native South Africa and reportedly kept a pistol by his bed and a machine gun by his window. According to official figures, 13 in 100 people own a gun in South Africa.

However exact circumstances surrounding the incident remain unclear and when police arrived at the house they found paramedics already in attendance. The woman was declared dead at the scene and a hearse was later seen taking the body away, ITV reports.

According to Pistorius’ lawyer, Oscar is “doing fine, but he’s very emotional,” reported journalist Barry Bateman in South Africa. Pistorius is believed to appear in Pretoria Magistrate’s Court later on Thursday and is currently being held at the Newlock Court at Pretoria Central Prison.Police said in a statement: “we can’t comment on his emotional well-being, but he is traumatised after losing someone close to him.”Pistorius is regarded as a sporting hero by many after being the first double amputee to compete in the Olympics. Along with his sporting achievements he also worked as a male model and was named one of the sexiest men alive by People Magazine.Pistorius is known as the Blade Runner because of the ground-breaking prosthetics he uses for racing.

Wow, this just seems so strange! I will wait until more details come out but I find this all to be very hard to believe. RIP Reeva


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