VIDEO: Beyonce SATURATES the market. HBO Documentary “Life is but a dream” premieres this Saturday on HBO

Beyonce gets candid in "life is but a dream"

Beyonce gets candid in “life is but a dream”

Beyonce’s PR team is on overdrive, saturating the market with the superstar diva! Now me being the Beyonce fan I am, love it! However,  for some it can be quite annoying and I get it. However, this is how Beyonce and her powerhouse team operate. She takes about year off. Then, when we least expect it, she saturates the market.  And when we’ve just about had enough, she goes back into seclusion. At least that is how I see it.

Well things are no different in 2013. After the birth of her daughter Blue Ivy, Beyonce has been on overdrive! We are only 2 months into 2013 and Beyonce has landed a 50 million dollar deal with Pepsi, sang at the Presidential Inauguration,  had the best live Superbowl performance I’ve ever seen in my life, announced her world tour The Mrs. Carter Show, and now she is airing an interview with media queen Oprah Winfrey AND her self-directed and produced documentary on HBO, “Life is but a Dream” ALL IN ONE NIGHT. This Saturday at 8pm on OWN, you can catch Beyonce sitting down and discussing life with Oprah. She hits on topics such as her miscarriage and parting ways with her manager father. Right after that, switch to HBO to watch her documentary that premieres at 9pm. Oh, and I mention the new album that is in the works too. 😉

Whew! Did you catch all that?


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