“NO BLACK NURSES ALLOWED!” Says racist dad to Michigan hospital neonatal staff!

This note was taped to a baby's clipboard at a Michigan Hospital, a lawsuit alleges. (Credit: ABC12/ABC News)

This note was taped to a baby’s clipboard at a Michigan Hospital, a lawsuit alleges. (Credit: ABC12/ABC News)

A lawsuit is in the works after a Michigan father requested that no black nurses be allowed to care for his newborn that was in the Hurley Medical Center neonatal intensive care unit last fall.


A black nurse sued Hurley Medical Center for discrimination and violation of the state civil rights act after the nurse manager reassigned her because of the man’s request for no black nurses, according to the complaint.

The man also pulled up his sleeve to reveal “some type of tattoo which was believed to be a swastika of some kind,” the complaint from nurse Tonya Battle, 49, read. The name of the father who made the request was not included in the court papers.

“Please, No African American Nurses to care for [redacted] Baby per Dad’s request. Thank you,”  read a note that was attached to the baby’s clipboard and obtained by ABC affiliate WJRT in Flint, Mich.This followed a staff meeting and a call to the nurse’s home to inform her of the decision, according to the complaint.

Okay, so this was totally illegal if this request was fulfilled. I am sure the hospital’s lawyer advised them of this because the CEO made a statement at a news conference that was held by a local chapter of  Al Sharpton’s National Action Network.

“The father was informed that his request could not be granted, and as a result, all nurses remained available to care for his baby,” Hurley CEO Melany Gavulic said, according to WJRT. “We appreciate the community’s concern and involvement today, as we publicly clarify the facts of this case. The medical center looks forward to a quick and amicable resolution.”

However, the lawsuit alleges that the plaintiff, Tonya Battle, as well as other black nurses, were intentionally not assigned to care for the newborn for the remainder of its stay in the hospital over the next month.

Battle had been employed at the hospital for 25 years. She is seeking damages for her distress, harassment and humiliation.

Oh boy! Mrs. Battle is going to get one pretty penny! Oh yea…she’s paid.

Did the dummy that wrote the note know that it was ILLEGAL? Even if a remote part of them shared the same racist views as the father and wanted to grant him his wishes, isn’t there some type of code of conduct or anti-discrimination training that medical professionals have to take? Oh and don’t get me started on the shift manager that actually carried out the request!  It still baffles me these days at the level of ignorance and bigotry that is still alive and well in this country. These ignorant idiots just cost that hospital millions, perhaps HUNDREDS of millions of dollars if other black nurses decide to take action.

Hey Mrs. Battle…let me borrow a $1.00!!


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  1. This is completely horrible and wrong, but if the shift manager did reassign Ms. Battle as her complaint alleges, isn’t it possible she was doing it for her own good, so she wouldn’t have to deal with the rude, racist family? Even if that were the case, it isn’t okay because it lets the prejudice man win; but maybe the staffs’ intentions weren’t malicious.

    • That is true…maybe there were trying to keep the peace. But still, was there some sort of code of conduct training or anti-discrimination course that was taken? Even in the financial industry, there was training I had to take for customers and colleagues. I would think the hospital would be even more strict when it came to that stuff. Just sayin…

  2. Are you freaking kidding me? Yea she’s about to get paid, but it’s still crazy…but unfortunately not surprising that this stuff still goes on. Idiots…lol. Oh well laugh all the way to the bank Ms Battle!

  3. Mouth hanging open, smdh!!!

  4. Reblogged this on Bag Lady Boutique and commented:
    Hmmm. Maybe she should had that baby at home to insure this wouldn’t happen. Wtheck!

  5. Me and my fam were just talking about this, actually! It happens more then ppl think–the request that is, BUT the nursing manager was dead wrong for that!!! My father said that happened once… He’s a Respiratory Therapist (one of the best at his hospital actually) and a few years ago an elderly patient complained saying he didn’t want “that black guy” to help him…. The supervisor came in the room and politely explained to the guy that he either takes his treatment from my dad or he’s welcome to seek treatment elsewhere! My father stepped back, he didn’t wanna risk an unlawful complaint from the patient! But still, his boss stood up for him, which is what should have happened for this nurse!!! It reminds me (loosely) of the girl who got fired after the pastor left her a comment about her tip! Some employers just have no loyalty these days!

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